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Hi and Welcome!

Back in 2010 whilst living in Singapore, fellow nutritionist Alexis Smith and I created and held our first Nourish & Flourish retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. These detox and lifestyle retreats were borne out of a desire to take our clients out of their everyday often stressful lifestyles and immerse them in a fun and relaxed week of workshops and talks. These weeks were designed to give everyone a first-hand experience of what we suggest during consults. They are well received and very successful at helping clients shift their habits and their health.

However, not everyone can, nor wants to, spend a week with their nutritionists! 

So we've decided to bring some of our favourite retreat workshops to you.

Starting with the root of all health, we are kicking off our series of 

Nourish & Flourish urban workshops with,

Getting to the Guts of Your Health

During September's workshop you will learn:

  • How the gut contributes to fatigue, moodiness and anxiety,

  • To eat for amazing digestive function and great energy levels without restricting your diet unnecessarily,

  • That mastering your microbiome improves digestion, rids digestive pain, bloating and gas,

  • How to rid old habits that are sabotaging your desire for better health 

  • Achieve your dream of bouncing out of bed of a morning and having stable energy throughout the day.


You may have heard Hippocrates quote, "all disease begins in the gut". As clinical practitioners, we deeply believe that focusing on balancing gut health, is your most reliable road to health. 


Of course we naturally consider the gut when suffering typical digestive distress symptoms such as bloating, pain, excessive belching, unpredictable bowels etc. However, we propose that the gut is also at the root of an array of symptoms and conditions including eczema, excessive weight gain or loss, irritability, fatigue, foggy head, lack of concentration and other cognitive issues, hormone imbalances and food sensitivities.

Your Workshop Includes

  • digestion-boosting herbal teas

  • morning superfood lattes

  • delicious soup and salad lunch

  • cooking classes and recipes

  • take home your own handmade fermented vegetables


This is the workshop for anyone looking for a fun and no nonsense approach to improving the way you live life.

Cost for the day is $165 per person all inclusive.

Vegans, vegetarians, omnivores and anyone with allergies or food sensitivities are all catered for.