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Green Goodness

One on One Consultations

Are you confused about what to eat? It's easy to understand how we have lost our way with food - these days we are inundated with competing food messages 24 hours, 7 days a week.

During a one on one consultation with Karen, learn how to make the best food choices to suit your health and well-being and your personal goals.

With Initial consults lasting an hour, they are a comprehensive, fact finding mission to discover all about your current state of health, your health history, and what your goals might be.

Karen uses food as medicine, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle advice to help you achieve your health goals faster.

Why might you consult with Karen?

·         You are bloated, gassy or have IBS symptoms like constipation or diarrhoea

·         You experience reflux or discomfort after eating

·         You may have parasites, or a gut that is ‘not quite right’

·         Your mood is low, with happiness and vitality a thing of the past

·         It is a struggle to get going in the morning without coffee or sugar

·         You feel cranky, snappy or miserable

·         You struggle to lose weight, and seem to gain more each year

·         Foods you used to enjoy cause you gut, skin or allergy problems

·         You are thinking of getting pregnant and having a baby

·         You or your child struggle to concentrate, to sleep or to remain calm under stress

·         You have  been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition

·         You require support with a special diet – vegan, SIBO, gluten free, GAPS, Paleo or FODMAPs


15 minute Discovery Call FREE

Initial consult (60 mins) $150

Follow up (45 mins) $100


Functional Testing

A part of the holistic approach to understanding the core focus of your health issue, it may be helpful to gather more information through testing.

As well as spending time with you to help you understand your blood test results from your doctor, working with Karen you will have access to a number of tests in integrative and functional pathology.

These might include:

  • General pathology from your GP

  • Microbiome and Digestive Function

  • Intestinal Permeability ('leaky gut' test)

  • Neurotransmitter profiles

  • Personalised genomic DNA testing looking at the impact gene variations may have on fertility, diet, nutrient absorption, weight loss, liver function, fitness or caffeine metabolism (e.g. MTHFR)

  • Salivary cortisol or hormone testing

  • Vitamin, mineral or heavy metal testing

  • Preconception testing

Super Health Food

Workshops & Learning

Would you like to learn how to make sauerkraut?  How raw cacao can benefit your health? Or how bone broth might be the best thing for your digestion?

Karen is available for custom made and bespoke workshops for groups of all sizes, from 1 hour demos up to 3 hour hands-on immersion classes

Here are just some of the latest offerings:

  • kombucha

  • super food nut milk lattes

  • bone broths

  • raw chocolate

  • fermentation essentials (Book HERE

  • brainy breakfasts

  • detox your diet

  • healthy lunch boxes

  • gluten free dairy free for kids

  • eating for energy

  • vegan nut cheeses

Green Smoothie

Programs & Retreats

Looking for a longer commitment to improve your health?

Get the best results for your health by joining a program or a wellness retreat.

Imagine a week of detox and wellness on a Thailand retreat, or a day of learning and nourishment for urban dwellers here in Sydney.

Details of the latest Sydney based 1 day Winter Workshop retreat here

Please contact Karen for more information.